New Series, Re-reviews

That’s right, I’m going to go through and Re-watch things I’ve already watched on the blog and give these movies a SECOND review. Crazy I know, but I thought I would take a moment to explain why I’ve chosen this insane path.

When I first started this blog I was just over 3 months from quitting alcohol. Different parts of my brain were learning to cope without while other parts were just waking up after spending 12 years or so in an alcoholically-induced coma. So, mentally, I was all over the place; scatterbrained, you could call it. Also, outside of some class assignments in one of the many colleges I flunked out of, I’ve never really reviewed movies. I’ve written movies, sure, and could tell you while watching a movie when they do something wrong and why it’s wrong, more or less. When I found the list of movies I based the whole blog around, something to watch while filling the void, I thought, why not do a review blog too? Since I’ve been writing fiction, maybe I could give everything a sort of creative swing, and maybe bring some humor to it as well. Nobody writes humorous movie reviews, I’d be setting trends!

Of course, humorous reviews don’t really work as it’s hard to know when you’re joking and when you’re actually making a criticism. I know that now, but not at the time. Another thing I didn’t know was how to rate things. Outside of having a 10-point grading scale, all I really thought at the outset was how grading things in high school worked. 7 and above was a pass, everything below that meant failure. Once I started scoring things, well, with actual scoring, I knew I needed to rethink what these numbers really meant. Now, each score above zero means the movie succeeded, at least at something, no movie is truly a failure unless it reaches 0, I think, which is just the “average” for me, as things can go negative too. “So bad they’re good” 0 is only neutral schlock, truly bad schlock is where it’s at.

As a last hump I had to get over, it’s that I chose when I started the blog to not do ANY RESEARCH WHATSOEVER on any of the movies I watched, no matter how little I knew about them or what was going on in film history (or just regular history) otherwise. This was because I thought that these films should be watched through a modern lense. I’ve decided since then that I was wrong and now research every movie as best I can, so I can at least understand why each movie was made and what significance it had to film history or society at the time.

So, that’s the evolution of this blog and why some reviews probably read like a crazy person wrote them. I’m going to go through and slowly re-review all these movies in a way that is (probably only slightly) more professional.


RE-REVIEWS: Coming soon

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