Venom (2018)

Rating: 6.5/10

An alien Symbiote falls to Earth and is captured by a privately owned business for study, and perhaps the development into some kind of super soldiers. Meanwhile, one symbiote named Venom gets out, finds Eddie, a recently fired reporter for going off of things like “hunches.” Together, they fight crime and eat people.

I’m serious about that eating people part, something most adaptations just walk around of is Venom’s cannibalistic tendencies. Here it embraces it fully from the moment Venom comes out of Eddie Brock’s skin. I’m not sure if I should be upset about that or not as he is known to be a cannibal and like the taste of human brains in the comics. I don’t like that Eddie accepts this and tries to compromise with it as I’m pretty sure in the comics he mostly fights against Venom’s urge to the point that he has control over it. At least until Venom completely takes over again. Sorry I’m just being a nerd right now. Also I’m okay with eating people now, no matter the circumstances. Though now I’m upset that Venom doesn’t eat even more people throughout the film.

This movie was okay overall, not great. Kind of phoning in the overall plot as it feels like the origin-movie-plot of every Marvel Movie up to this point. The hero discovers their power, the villain wants that power, replicates it, then tries to kill the hero with it but they don’t. The End. Yup, exactly that here. But it’s got some pretty cool action, some cool back-and-forth with Eddie and Venom, and a not quite as phoned in as the rest of the movie romantic subplot. Even though it didn’t feel entirely original, it still entertained me in its own way.

Well, that is, once the movie actually starts. Which takes 45 minutes and Venom finally combines with Eddie and the stuff starts happening that people came to the theater to see. Okay, the first half-hour of any movie is meant to be about introducing stuff. I mean, I would vastly prefer it if they started this one with, essentially, Venom immediately colliding with Eddie’s head. But, if they take a half hour to set up Eddie and what’s going on with him, it would be fine, except really him being fired wasn’t important, what else was going on in his life just felt like filler, and literally nothing really happens with him until Venom collides into his head! Okay, there’s other stuff going on, but Eddie is not one of them.


+7.5/10: Pretty entertaining

-1: Too much meandering on literally nothing

-1: Plot is run of the mill

+1: good action

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