Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)

Rating: 7/10

Michael Moore examines the circumstances that got Trump elected and poses that our government is quickly turning into despotism.

A decent documentary that shows how the American government is inherently corrupt, everyone on both sides is easily bought off and Donald Trump stole the election and everyone is lying about everything and we only pretend that things are working but nobody does anything about it. This is our government now, for better or worse.

This movie makes a lot of good points, and though I think despotism is a chance, I think it’s also very unlikely. Then again, you never know. Hitler was saying we should kill all the Jews before he got elected and people were extremely dismissive of him at this time. I think the picture Michael Moore shows is a bleak one, but not entirely impossible.

I think this film takes a bit long to meander on different topics. For a long time I wasn’t sure if this film even had much of a point outside of bringing many of these terrible subjects to light. It brings it around again by the end and makes it all surrounding government corruption, but it takes a long time getting there, and though these points are pertinent to today, I don’t think they were necessary for the ultimate subject of this movie.


+8: Pretty good Michael Moore documentary

-1: Meanders too much on unnecessary topics

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