Vice (2018)

Rating: 9/10

Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) and his wife Lynne (Amy Adams) work together in order to further his political career. From his early beginnings to September 11, 2001, this film shows how one man reached the pinnacle of power and yet operated in the shadows. This is a movie about the events that led up to the downfall of America’s rights.

I highly recommend watching this within a day of watching Fahrenheit 11/9 as there’s a lot of overlap with their subject matter. Also, Fahrenheit shows what’s happening now, Vice shines a light on why.

Okay, this movie is very well made. The actors all do their best to emulate real people and it shows. The makeup is amazing, everyone more or less looks like the person they’re playing. The editing is top notch and stands out for its creativity. The direction and production all benefit the movie as a whole. The story is well written and never boring.

My only complaint is that this film has an ending problem. Okay, it does a fake ending about halfway through the film because it gets really dark after that. But I wonder if they only do this to lampshade the fact that every 15 minutes or so after that it will do something else to make you think the movie is just about to end, only to keep going again and still not end. I kind of wonder if director Adam McKay was doing this to troll the audience, or maybe make stupid people walk out halfway through. Either way, this movie is almost perfect, but this decision, whether done for comedy or to trick certain individuals to walk out of your movie before it gets too political, just detracts from an otherwise great, high-concept film.


+10: Incredible job from all departments

-1: Too many “endings” with no actual end

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