The Death of Superman (2018)

Rating: 7/10

Superman is the protector of the Earth. But what happens when he’s faced with a fow that’s even more powerful than he is? One able to defeat the entire Justice League single handedly?

This movie is written by Peter J. Tomasi, a DC comic book writer who has a written a fair amount of Green Lantern Corp, which I’ve read. So I understood the style. Tomasi is actually a really good writer, as long as something is happening. Outside of this, he writes what some people might refer to as, myself included, “soap opera-y” and meanders on character relationships and the like instead of the superhero stuff we came to see. It does the same here, but once Doomsday attacks and things actually starts happening again, the movie does get pretty darn good.

Still, there’s about 20 minutes of time where almost nothing is happening. I’m willing to forgive it, somewhat, for taking a so much screen time since some of this was Superman worried whether he should finally tell Lois Lane he’s Clark Kent, only to have him actually do so. Something I didn’t think was going to happen personally, and now anyone reading this knows so there goes the surprise. But still, having this meandering side story actual pay off in a satisfying way did give some “movie-cred” back to the film. Then the rest of it is fairly entertaining, so good job Tomasi!


+7: Fairly entertaining, by the end

-2: Too much meandering

+1: decent side story payoff

+1: didn’t mention this in the review, but very impressive sound editing and foley work, good enough that you notice it in a cartoon, straight-to-DVD film

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