Brave (2012)

Rating: 8/10

Princess Merida is trying to change her fate. Her mother and father want her to marry a prince from one of the neighboring kingdoms as a tradition among the kingdoms, one that Merida hopes to break. Perhaps there’s some kind of magic she could use to accomplish her goal?

Pixar has shown that they know how to craft a film. They can really make something for everyone. This film might not stand out amongst their amazingly impressive body of work, but this is still a great film nonetheless.

The animation stands out, as all animation does for Pixar at the time of their film’s releases, but this still looks great even today. The story is as well crafted as all their stories and quite original in its own way.

My only real complaint is the music. I think some of it works for the parts their used for but others just fall flat for fitting the tonality of the scene it’s used in.


+7.5: Pretty good all around movie

+1: Animation is top notch, like always for Pixar

-0.5: Music doesn’t quite work in places