Kubrick and Kingdom Hearts, also Hacking

Apparently I was “hacked” so for about a week nothing was on this site, but all they did was put everything in my trash so I restored everything and hopefully it will be up again now. Anyway, I’ve been away because of medical reasons and because I’ve been working on this YouTube series which I’ve started that compares the films of Stanley Kubrick and the game series Kingdom Hearts, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTc3owsCIM8&list=PLDM8BqPcIxHVcEcCkh59KwB7QzoDFp8f2

Also, I’ll try to do more on this site from here on out. I don’t know about doing a movie a day but I’ll try to at least do a review every time I watch a movie at least, and get back to the List of 1,001 movies to watch before I die.

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