TV: The Flash (1990) s1e2: Out of Control

Rating: 6/10

In my last review I said I’d stay up and watch this, but this episode started to put me to sleep last night. Finishing this episode this morning, I can see why…

In this episode, bums are winding up dead from serious mutations but when the police show up the bodies have gone missing. It’s up to Barry Allen and the Flash to figure out this mystery. Also, an old boyfriend reaches out to Dr. Christina Magee in order to make up for lost time.

Okay, one thing I was really surprised about was they wrote Iris West out of the show. As if the writers from the 90s somehow got my review in some kind of time warp and listened to me that Christina was a far more interesting character and we are just sick to death with love triangles 25 years in the future when this show is sought after and cherished by true superhero fans. Well, I’m glad they saw, just as I did, that she was a third wheel and wrote her out. And we all know Candice Patton of the current show is the true Iris West in any universe.

Okay, instead of the action-packed pilot they went for a much slower paced mystery-type episode with a minor romance subplot going on. Then both of those are dropped off and it turns into some kind of Flash vs. Frankenstein-and-his-Monster (sort of) parody episode. It’s not quite that but the ending “twist” if you can even call it that is totally ridiculous and feels more like something you’d see in comics from the 60s instead of the more complex graphic novels written around the time this came out. Also the villain doesn’t have any clear-cut motivations outside of “its for science,” but it feels more like there’s a message of “scientists are scary and probably crazy” than the “science for the sake of progress can be dangerous” that I think the writers were probably going for. So, the tone and pacing is kind of all over the place and the villain is pretty lackluster. Nowhere near as good as that Pilot, I don’t think I’ve ever said that about any show… (pilots usually aren’t as good as the rest of it).

Oh, I wanted to compliment Alex Desert as Julio Mendez though, he’s had only a smaller part in this episode and the last, but his on screen presence as Barry’s lab partner and the quirky comic relief is very good, and Desert’s acting is pretty top notch despite him having only a small part, he kills it in every scene he’s in. Hopefully he has a bigger part going forward.


+6: Not as good as it could have been, but okay

+1: Got rid of fake Iris West

-1: tonal issues

-1: crummy villain

+1: Alex Desert is a great actor who needs a bigger part

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