TV: The Flash (1990) s1e3: Watching the Detectives

Rating: 10/10

In this episode, the city’s corrupt DA hires Megan Lockhart (Joyce Hyser) a private investigater to uncover the true identity of the Flash. After he does he tries to blackmail Barry into doing his dirty work. The Flash has to use all his power and wits in order to get out of this one.

Unlike the last episode, which felt more like something out of the 60s, this felt straight out of the original Flash from the late-30s, early-40s. It feels very much like a noir or gangster movie from the time period than something modern(ish) day. Also unlike the last one, with the plot being all over the place tone-wise, this one felt pretty spot on for the genres they were borrowing from. I kind of want to see a time travel episode where Flash goes back to the thirties now, either in this Flash or the current Flash. Just throwing that out there.

Not much to complain about even. I would say they nailed this episode. Though I was a little disappointed that Julio Mendez (Alex Desert) didn’t have a bigger role. And I’d be happy to see PI Lockhart as a returning character in this series.


+10/10: A very fun Flash episode as he races through the genres of gangster films

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