TV: The Flash (1990) s1e4: Honor Among Thieves

Rating: 7/10

Flash needs to stop a gang of thieves as they attempt to rob a bank and a museum at the same time. Meanwhile, Barry confronts a man who wronged him in the past.

Not a bad episode, but I did notice it easily falling into various cliches, especially with the dialogue, which kept making me think of Cop-Drama type shows. I kept half-expecting Barry to have to turn in his badge and gun at some point but thankfully that didn’t happen. Julio gets a much bigger part in this one, still not important to the plot though. Also there were a few action bits that I felt worked really well and the special effects were really good especially for its time.

I really liked the “twist” at the end, even though it was totally obvious. This was basically a reverse-heist movie, where it’s about catching them more than seeing how they cleverly get to the jewels, or in this case a very old mask made by Rasputin. Oh, one more thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that the jokes in this show, especially the ones said by Barry, don’t really fly most of the time. One that stands out is after Barry tells Christina his problems he cuts up an apple and offers her a slice saying, “Apple for the therapist?” It’s meant to be some kind of levity but it feels so forced and practically nonsensical it kind of sucks all the funny out of the room. Okay, not all of them are that bad but I have yet to even smile at one of these “jokes.”

Also, being that this is separate from the rest of Arrowverse, and season 1 of Arrow doesn’t have anything else to go along with it, I think I’ll start watching episodes of Arrow in between.


+7: Decent, though a bit slow

+1: Good special effects

-1: Too many cliches

-1: Wow are some of these jokes bad…

+1: Pretty good take on a totally obvious twist

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