TV: Arrow s1e4: An Innocent Man

Arrow — “An Innocent Man” — Image AR104b_0500b. Pictured: Stephen Amell as Arrow — Photo: Marcel Williams/The CW — ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Rating: 7/10

In this episode, a man is on death row for killing his wife but Oliver quickly realizes that this is really a frame job caused by one of the evil men on his father’s list. He’ll do all he can to clear this man’s name before his sentence is carried out. Meanwhile, on the island, Oliver learns how to eat!

This episode had some decent action in it, and some good moments between John Diggle and Oliver, but overall was a bit lackluster when compared to the previous episodes. More of a oneshot villain than anything else, except it’s just some top 1% businessman. They might be the villains in real life but it’s not as cool as watching the Hood take on an assassin like in the last one. This did have some good moments though, such as when Oliver ties the bad guy to the train tracks in order to get a confession out of him.

I’d almost say you can skip this one if you’re going through a speed watch but there’s enough important stuff, like the stuff between John and Oliver that makes it important enough to the series as a whole to give a watch.


+7: Decent episode, but nothing amazing

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