The Flash (1990) s1e6: Sins of the Father

Rating: 10/10

A madman escapes from prison and is after the man who imprisoned him, Barry’s father, Henry Allen.

This was both an episode that was action-packed and suspenseful as we watch as Henry comes out of retirement as a beat cop and teams up with his son in order to take down this maniac before he kills again. It showcases M. Emmet Walsh as Henry as he solves the crime “the old fashioned way” instead of Barry’s lab work and science, they’re going out on the streets in order to solve this one.

I’m glad this show likes to borrow from other genres as many seem to meld well with the superhero arc. I suppose at the time there wasn’t much to really go off of, the biggest superhero shows before this one were Batman from the 60s and the Incredible Hulk from the 70s. So this show wasn’t entirely sure what it wanted to be just yet. Still they did a really good job this episode.


+10: Old-timey cop show meets the Flash, I don’t know why but it works

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