TV: The Flash (1990) s1e7: Child’s Play

Rating: 8/10

After a reporter is killed for researching a new street drug called Blue Paradise, Barry temporarily adopts 2 homeless kids.

Okay, the first half of this episode feels like they’re jumping between two storylines that feel just as disjointed as that opening sentence I just wrote. But, it does come together at the end and turns into a pretty good episode. Also, Barry made a joke I actually laughed at, “weird,” Ha! Hilarious. I guess you had to have been there…

So pretty good episode, though a bit slow at first. Some pretty good Flash moments and a decent how-catch-em mystery as well. Also the kid actor, Jonathan Brandis, does a pretty good job of being the punk kid and street thief in this episode.

One last complaint is many of the action scenes were very darkly lit in this show. I hope this was just a production error and not a sign this show is quickly running out of money and the proceeding episodes will be made cheaply.


+8: Slow start but turns into a pretty good episode

-1: darkly lit

+1: Pretty good acting job by Brandis

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