TV: Arrow s1e8: Vendetta

Arrow — “Vendetta” — Image AR108a_1232b — Pictured: Jessica De Gouw as Huntress and Stephen Amell as Arrow — Photo: Jack Rowand /The CW — ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Rating: 7/10

Oliver does his best to train Helena into the vigilante lifestyle. Meanwhile, Tommy, cut off from his father’s fortune, asks Oliver for a job!

The stuff between Huntress and the Hood is pretty solid throughout the episode. I like how it shows that Oliver is walking a fine line between killing people for the right reasons and the wrong ones. Also, he might just be a step or two away from turning into a murdering psychopath. Personally, I think the reasons he wants to save Helena is for fear that if he goes that far he might not be able to save himself.

The Tommy stuff is annoying but doesn’t eat up much screen time like in the last episode. Also, this episode marks the first time Tommy breaks up with Laurel for practically no reason! I wish I could say it was the last too…


+8: Pretty good follow up to the previous episode

+1: Oliver should fight more of his girlfriends, okay maybe not…

-1: Tommy’s part, though short, just brings the show down

-1: Tommy just spent all the previous episodes trying to get Laurel to go steady then breaks up with her for something that makes little to no sense, they get back together at the end but still…

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