TV: The Flash (1990) s1e8: Shroud of Death

Rating: 10/10

After a judge is murdered, someone seeking revenge is on a killing spree against the people they believe had done them wrong. Barry has to do everything he can to stop them before they complete their list of death. Also, Christina is thinking about moving to the other side of the country.

This episode had relationship drama, just like pretty much all Tommy-storylines in season 1 of Arrow, except here it actually comes around and relates to the main plotline. See, that’s how you do relationship drama in superhero shows when it doesn’t relate directly to the hero. When it’s about the hero, it seems fine just having some mushy stuff here and there but then it becomes more about how their significant other has to learn to live with this world their a part of and such.

I also like the side story involving Julio starting to suspect Barry being the Flash. This episode had a lot going on in it, and it all kind of works for the show. Though it’s a tad slow at first, kind of 70s film style, it becomes an action-packed mystery by the end.


+10: Awesome episode

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