The Flash (1990) s1e9: Ghost in the Machine

Rating: 10/10

The Ghost, a supervillain able to control television and radio waves, is cryogenically frozen in 1955 only to come back in 1990 to wreak havoc on Central City. The Flash must team up with Nightshade, a vigilante from the 50s coming out of retirement to take down the Ghost one last time.

This episode was very good. I’m glad they finally added a real supervillain for Flash to face, and one that matches Flash every step of the way with his computer savviness and high-tech gizmos until almost the very end. I wish these episodes were less episodic as a return of Ghost would be a good move, or, if it were the Flash of today, an overarching season where Ghost is messing things up a little more in each episode until the finale. Well, this isn’t today’s Flash, but these episodic adventures are very well written and produced and this episode might be the best I’ve seen yet. I don’t mind the crime-based mysteries, but this show could use a few more supervillains.


+10: Great all around, the hero Nightshade should come back sometime

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