TV: Arrow s1e10: Burned

Rating: 3/10

Oliver is mentally shaken after his encounter with the Black Archer. He decides to take a break from being the archer when Laurel pulls him back in when someone starts killing people with fire.

This episode could have been a lot better. I think it spends too much time focusing on too many things with Oliver recovering from his encounter to Laurel and Tommy having relationship problems. It becomes a halfway decent mystery. But the villain, who’s meant to be a more human version of Firefly from the DC comics, is basically just thrown away when he could have been turned into something really cool. I don’t mind one-shot villains but the way it’s handled here, with hardly any setup for what happens at the end, I’m just disappointed.

Laurel gets a lot cooler later, here I feel the writers are just trying to give her something to do. This is just such a filler episode, the stuff on the island is more interesting than what’s happening in modern Starling City. Unfortunately the island isn’t the focus of this episode.


+5: Filler episodes just eat up time, had an okay mystery though

-1: Too much meandering on pointless nonsense

-1: wasted villain

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