TV: Arrow s1e9: Year’s End

Arrow — “Year’s End” — Image AR109b_0208b — Pictured (L-R): Colin Salmon as Walter, Susanna Thompson as Moira, Willa Holland as Thea, and Stephen Amell as Arrow — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Rating: 9/10

It’s Christmas with the Queens. While Oliver is planning a family Christmas party, as the Hood he has to find a copycat killer. One who seems to know the men on his father’s list and is getting to them before the Hood can. Also, things on the island begin to heat up as Yao Fey captures the boss of the terrorist group to hopefully use him to help get Oliver off the island.

This episode shows an interesting dynamic of Oliver as he begins to work with Detective Lance, the man whose job it is to track him down. But as Oliver tells Lance over the phone, “there’s things he can do the police can’t.” And I think Lance is beginning to see the Hood as maybe someone he can trust when threats are out there more dangerous than the Hood himself.

Is there something about 9th episodes in superhero shows that means they have to face a villain who matches them in strength? Or in this case surpasses the heroes power? I’ll have to make a note of that once the other Flash starts when he first faces a real supervillain. Anyway, having a real villain for Oliver to face is a plus for the show.

Though Tommy’s big scene just makes me cringe, it’s more related to the rest of the show than it normally is. A tad, just a tad, related, but still, it’s something. Also, a few scenes felt to me like “this is the take you decided on?” I don’t know if it’s a directorial problem, editing, or just acting-wise, but in a few scenes that they meant to be dramatic come off as very dry.


+9: Pretty darn good episode with only a few places lacking

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