TV: The Flash (1990) s1e12: The Trickster

Rating: 10/10

Mark Hamill makes his premier as the Trickster/James Jesse in this episode. And becomes the second villain, alongside Ghost, who actually feels like a real supervillain able to maybe take down the Flash. Also PI Lockhart comes back and Jesse becomes immediately smitten with her and tries to kill her at every opportunity.

Again, it’s nice to see Flash face actual villains, and again I’m a tad disappointed this can’t have been a villain for the whole season to stop Flash at every turn. Oh well, it’s a different styled show than the current Flash and that’s totally fine. Also this frees them up to try out different genres here and there and again it’s just too bad this show only got one season.

Anyway, Mark Hamill is the best villain yet. He’s basically a live-action version of his Joker from the Batman Animated Series. Maybe even better than that even since the Joker doesn’t do things for any reason, really, while the Trickster isn’t just a fun-loving maniac, he’s also a super genius. This makes him not only more fun to watch (maybe) but also a much more dangerous villain.

+10: I’ll say it again, THIS SHOW NEEDS MORE SUPERVILLAINS! Maybe those writers of the past will hear me somehow

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