TV: Arrow s1e19: Unfinished Business

Arrow — “Unfinished Business” — Image AR119b_0011b – Pictured (L-R): Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Rating: 9/10

A woman dies of a drug overdose just outside Oliver’s club. When it turns out to be Vertigo, Oliver starts looking to see if the Count is out of the asylum and back on the streets. On the island, Oliver slaps water in a bucket!

Okay, writers of the past, you’re very good at somehow knowing how I feel about things because they finally did it, they made one of these superhero shows a mystery you can figure out for yourself at home! And it works really well with the dark action theme of the rest of the episode. 90s Flash could learn a thing or two from 2012s Arrow, and that doesn’t even make sense!

Alright, this episode is pretty great overall, except for one thing. The crazy thing is I actually thought for a second, “wow, maybe I like Tommy after all!” Only to then immediately turn around on that as he automatically gets upset at Oliver for something that doesn’t really make sense and then quits his job! I mean, I think he’s there so we can make a correlation between how Oliver is after the island and Tommy is basically who he would have become if he never got stranded on the island. But the show already does that by literally showing us Oliver on the island…so basically Tommy is a useless character who contributes nothing. I think he works as a kind of shlummy sidekick with a one liner here and there. And I thought he worked as the club owner because it literally gave him something to do every episode. But the way they keep handling him with all the unbelievable melodrama, it’s just not who Tommy should be. Truthfully I think he would have been fine joining Team Arrow in some capacity, having one or two one liners and maybe Oliver could train him to be a lovable sidekick before his father’s influences make him turn evil, or the like. I guess I’m seeing Tommy as more of a missed opportunity than really a flaw in the show now.


+10: Pretty great episode

-2: Until Tommy ruins it…

+1: …but then it gets good again

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