TV: Arrow s1e20: Home Invasion

Arrow — “Home Invasion” — Image AR120b_0909b — Pictured: Michael Rowe as Deadshot — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2013 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Rating: 8.5/10

Deadshot is back in town, and Diggle wants him and the Hood to take him out for good. Roy tries to be a vigilante himself. On the island, nothing happens!

Personally, I think they would have been fine not cutting to the island at all in this episode. Then again, if the choice is between that and having more Tommy storyline, I guess I’d rather have filler from the island. Also, while I’m on the island, Shado falling for Oliver literally makes no sense at all. Her and Slade share a lot more onscreen chemistry. Also, being that they’re all in this stupid situation where only the strong survive, doesn’t it make a lot more sense for her to fall for the stronger of the two? Rather than, I’m-basically-Tommy-spoiled-rich-kid Oliver Queen who knows basically nothing about surviving or being good at, well, anything at this point? I dunno, this just feels like another missed opportunity to me.

Michael Rowe is probably the best Deadshot I’ve ever seen on screen. Will Smith is fine, but he’s well, Will Smith. This guy really captures the Deadshot from the comics. Wish that Suicide Squad could have joined the Arrowverse as yet another spin off series…

Also, J. August Richards, who plays Mr. Blank, the other assassin in this episode, does a great job at being the evil professional determined to kill everyone who ever sees his face. I’m normally not a fan of a man who’s evil just for the sake of it but Richards really pulls it off.

Oh, SPOILERS, I guess, for a show from 7 years ago, but at the end of the episode marks the SECOND time Tommy breaks up with Laurel for no reason at all. It’s just melodrama for the sake of it. You know what’s good melodrama, the scenes between Roy and Thea in this episode. So they know how to use the genre, or whatever, I think they just never knew how to use Tommy in a way that made him interesting. Again, I think he should have turned into a supervillain. That would have been a big character arc for him.

+8.5: Pretty entertaining for what was essentially a filler episode

-1: out of place island stuff

-1: Tommy is just such a dumbass sometimes…

+1: pretty great assassin related stuff

+1: Bonus point for Mr. Blank as a perfect one-shot villain

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