TV: The Flash (1990) s1e15: Fast Forward

Rating: 7.5/10

After Pike, the villain from the Pilot episode who killed Barry’s brother, gets off for the crime and is released back into the public, the Flash is determined to take him down again. Except Pike sets a trap that sends Flash ten years into the future, 2001, and Pike is now mayor and everything in Central City is essentially Mad Max world.

Decent episode, though I felt it fell really heavily into some of the most cliche superhero tropes I’ve seen in this show. The Flash goes to the future, everything is terrible, he loses his powers and has to get them back, main characters die because it’s the future and Barry can always go back and change things, I feel like I’ve seen this very scenario a hundred times in various shows not just superhero series either. It was fine though, if you can see past all of that, and actually had a couple of twists and turns I didn’t expect. Also, maybe this wasn’t as cliche back in the early 90s, so maybe it’s fine? I won’t make it lose points either way, as this episode wasn’t really that great compared to some of the others I’ve seen in this series. Also, downer episodes don’t really mix with the Flash, at least not this version of him.


+7.5: Pretty good episode, but I feel Grant Gustin does more or less the same thing in his Flash series (at least once a season, I think), except better

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