TV: Arrow s2e1: City of Heroes

Rating: 10/10

After failing his city, Oliver escapes to Lian Yu. Felicity and Diggle track him down to convince him to come back, which he does but seems to want to hang up the Hood for good. Thea and Roy have relationship problems because Roy has been taking the vigilante’s place after he leaves the city, just as other vigilantes start popping up all over Starling City. On the island (in the past), Shado gets kidnapped by pirates and Oliver and Slade have to do what they can to get her back.

Some pretty great action throughout this episode. Actually you can tell right away they have a much bigger budget than they did last season, which already had a pretty big budget. Also, Tommy being gone does nothing but help the show, and I like that this makes Oliver realize that in order to be a real hero, he probably shouldn’t be going around murdering people all the time. So Tommy being dead has done nothing but help the show.

I really like Thea in this episode. And truthfully, with Moira and prison, and Oliver’s company being tried to being taken over by a competing shareholder, it’s kind of nice seeing things going horribly wrong for the Queens. Especially after last season where it felt like they were, more or less, living the high life until the very end.


+1o: A great opening episode that creates an entirely new basis for the show as a whole

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