TV: The Flash (1990) s1e16: Deadly Nightshade

Rating: 9.5/10

Dr. Powell comes out of retirement again when someone steals his motiff and his name, calling himself the Deadly Nightshade and is killing criminals thinking he’s the hero. Can the Flash and Nightshade take down this masked vigilante?

Since I just watched Arrow s2e1: City of Heroes, it’s weird that both these shows dealt with vigilantes fighting vigilantes, and they were both really friggin’ good! Alright, well, I really like Nightshade a lot and wouldn’t mind if he suddenly became a full-time ally to the Flash for the remainder of its run. And the villain in this one was awesome. He turned into someone worthy to have to fight two heroes at once.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t without its flaws. For one thing, for a villain being so good it seemed a bit lackluster for him to be taken down in the way he was. It wasn’t a huge thing, but still. Also, I’m kind of tired of Barry dating women who aren’t Tina. They obviously have a thing, but this was back when shows dictated everything had to be exactly the same as it was at the end of the episode. I hope they get together by the end if only because of how hard this show likes to tease them having a relationship. I won’t fault the show, since it’s what they had to do at the time. It just bugs me.


+10: Nearly excellent episode

-0.5: lame villain takedown

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