TV: Arrow s2e3: Broken Dolls

Rating: 10/10

After a major breakout from Iron Heights Prison, a serial known as the Dollmaker is out and killing women again. Officer Lance works with the Arrow (which I can officially start calling him now) in order to catch the murderer. Also, a new vigilante shows up on the streets and Oliver enlists Roy to help find her.

Serial killers and superheroes is actually a pretty good mix for the show. And the Dollmaker actually turns into a pretty resourceful villain throughout and is worthy to fight Arrow. I like the dynamic he has with Quentin Lance as they banter over the phone or right before Dollmaker shoots him in the head, only to be saved by Arrow at the last second. Oh, and the woman in the black mask is awesome! Hope she becomes a recurring character. SPOILERS she does.


+10: Great episode all the way through

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