TV: The Flash (1990) s1e18: Twin Streaks

Rating: 2/10

Scientists trying to create an army of super fast clones decide to clone the Flash in order to make a man capable of surviving the extreme speed.

Considering there’s two speedsters in this, you probably would think this episode wouldn’t be so slow-paced. I mean, it starts off okay, with Barry trying to deal with being overworked as the Flash, then that plotline completely drops off as this one begins. But it becomes more about Pollox, the name of Barry’s clone, trying to discover who he is as he has the mind of a child. And it’s more of a retelling of Frankenstein than anything else. That part kind of works but this episode spends so much time meandering on so many different things, this was like five B-storylines with no actual main story to hold it all together. And it doesn’t have enough of the action you’d think would be an episode filled with speedster versus speedster action, but instead it seems to be trying to cram a bunch of different moral messages down our throats.

Seriously, this episode was weird. Had no solid flow or direction. Maybe they should have rewritten the script a couple times before filming it.


+3: Not good, I’ll say that much

-1: Too all over the place pacing-wise

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