TV: The Flash (1990) s1e19: Done with Mirrors

Rating: 3/10

One of Barry’s old girlfriends comes to town, but she’s on the run from a person calling themselves Mirror Master. A man who uses gadgets to create holograms.

This episode was weird considering it uses one of Flash’s super villains from the comics. They took away his actual powers though. I mean, Mirror Master was one of those villains that seemed powerful enough to take down the Flash himself in the comics. Here he’s basically just a glorified stage magician, using tricks to escape, and not really able to do much more than put on fancy light shows.

Also this episode doesn’t really do anything. The scenes don’t flow well, the Flash doesn’t do many heroics overall, and it’s a weird combination of Barry trying to figure out his love life and focusing on the criminals and showing their story much more than it ought to. It’s just weird, man.


+5: Feels out of place compared to other episodes

-1: I’m disappointed Mirror Master is such a throwaway villain

-1: not enough actual Flash stuff and too much focus on the wrong type of stuff for this show

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