TV: The Flash (1990) s1e21: Alpha

Rating: 4/10

A robotic assassin named Alpha escapes from the lab that created her. She starts working at STAR labs because despite being a robot she looks like an incredibly hot woman who Barry is immediately smitten for.

This episode felt like the person who wrote it or directed it (or both) had no idea who the Flash was, hadn’t seen any episode before this one, and just wanted to shoehorn this sci-fi story overtop an episode of the Flash. I mean, The first 10-15 minutes is spent with Barry at a dance club where he mostly walks around hitting on Alpha, it’s not even a fish out of water story as Alpha seems to have absorbed the entire encyclopedia and doesn’t seem to have a problem fitting in or the like. Also, Barry doesn’t even try to hide his powers, anyone who’s paying any attention could just look over and be like “oh, there’s the Flash” or “Barry’s the Flash!” more or less. It just bugs me. And then the episode focuses more on Alpha then anything else. Wait, was this their attempt to make a spinoff series? That would kind of make sense considering the structuring of this episode.

As another complaint, why do the writers think every time a woman is on the show they either have to make them follow after Barry like a lovesick puppy, or he has to follow after them in the same way. I don’t know if this is just an early 90s thing but it’s a bit insulting, not in a sexist way (though it is that too), but insulting to its audience for thinking we’d get bored or something if we don’t shoehorn a romantic subplot in any place they can.


+5: Weird episode that feels extremely out of place from the rest of the show

-1: Writers need to learn how to write women on the show without forcing a romance with Barry on us yet again

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