TV: The Flash (1990) s1e22: Trial of the Trickster

Rating: 10/10

As the Trickster is put on trial, it turns out he has a secret admirer who busts him out and turns out they were made for each other. The Flash’s greatest enemy is back for his final performance! At least until he comes back in 2010s Flash…

Mark Hamill is amazing in this role, I can see why they eventually got him to do the voice of the Joker in the Batman Animated Series. I also think this was a great episode to go out on and it’s too bad that they couldn’t at least get a second season. This was a pretty good first season, all things considered. Even though there were a couple lame episodes, but that’s almost always the case as a show begins and it finds it’s form. They try new things to see what works, and sometimes it just doesn’t. But that’s fine, and I’m glad Joseph Shipp came back to play Barry’s dad, among other roles as they start a whole multiverse of Earths and Flashes. I’m also glad Mark Hamill reprises his role as the Trickster later on, as does his secret admirer and sidekick in this episode.

It’s just too bad this show never found an audience, it could have been something else entirely when it comes to more adult-themed superhero shows instead of the awesome cartoons I got as a kid. Who knews what could have happened.

+10: A great episode to go out on for a mostly great series

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