TV: Arrow s2e13: Heir to the Demon

Arrow — “Heir to the Demon” — Image AR213a_0791b — Pictured: Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Rating: 8/10

Sara comes back to town to save Laurel’s life. But the League of Assassins is hot on her trail. 6 years ago, instead of the island, we concentrate on Sara’s past before she left on the boat with Oliver on that fateful trip.

I like that Sara’s back in the show for the present day stuff, but her backstory flashbacks were mostly pointless. I’m actually not sure at all what it was supposed to accomplish, maybe to make Sara look like less of a bad guy for running away with Oliver. If so it also feels like they’re kicking Laurel while she’s down as she’s recovering in the hospital for what everyone thinks is a drug overdose. Either way it’s unnecessary, and if they didn’t have something important to flashback to, I’m totally fine with them not doing it.

The stuff with Talia was pretty interesting and it was cool watching her fight Arrow. Though unfortunately it was pretty brief. This was a pretty good episode though outside of the flashbacks for one focused more on drama. Even the Moira stuff was pretty great in this one. For me watching, I mean, not so much for the characters involved.


+9: Pretty much a straight drama but still fairly entertaining all around

-1: flashbacks were unnecessary

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