TV: Arrow s2e14: Time of Death

Arrow — “Time of Death” — Image AR214b_0060b — Pictured: Robert Knepper as William Tockman — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 7/10

A villain calling himself Clock King arrives in Starling City and is a criminal mastermind as he sets up elaborate robberies around the city. Now that Sara is officially back from the dead, she joins Team Arrow and starts being a vigilante right along with Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

Does it bug anyone else that Officer Lance hasn’t figured out Oliver is the Arrow yet? I mean, I know he was put on trial for it in season 1 but Lance spends all his time with Arrow now, and every time he sees Oliver you’d think he’d be looking at him like, “well, he’s the same height, same eyes, same jawline, hmmm?” I mean, he used to be a pretty good detective before his demotion. Anyway, that’s not a complaint, it just bugs me he doesn’t even suspect Oliver anymore. I guess Commissioner Gordon knows Bruce Wayne in real life too, so I guess it’s just a comic book staple to have somewhat clueless associates, but still.

Speaking of Bruce Wayne, Clock King was a villain from Batman the Animated Series and I think he was only in one or maybe two episodes, but he was my favorite villain on that show. He was basically just someone so obsessed with time he could outsmart and outplan even Batman just by using his accurate timing. They do a pretty good job with him too, even though I personally would have liked him to have a bigger part in an overarching season long plotline, having him here as a one-shot villain is still pretty cool for me and my obscure, nerd-driven enjoyment of the character. Actually he’d be a pretty cool character in one of the next DC movies. Then again, I’m not sure anyone else likes this character as much as I do…

Sara and Oliver kind of makes sense them being together. They’re both survivors and both have a lot of similarities, such as being masked vigilantes every night. But this kind of just pours salt on the “it’s too dangerous for me to be involved with people I’m close to” excuse Oliver gave to Felicity near the beginning of the season. Truthfully, this kind of paints Oliver as a bit of a douchebag to me, but it’s probably just people pushing for different plotlines in the writers room.

I liked the drama in the last episode, but here it gets a bit too soap-opera-y for my taste. Actually, if Clock King wasn’t such a great villain, I’d probably say this episode is entirely forgettable.


+6: the superhero parts are pretty cool, but the drama just drags it down this time

+1: Bonus point for Clock King being done so well

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