TV: Arrow s2e16: Suicide Squad

Rating: 10/10

Amanda Waller comes back and reveals her Suicide Squad to John Diggle. She needs Diggle for a mission that only he can accomplish. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to stop Slade before he’s able to hurt his family.

This is unfortunately the closest we’ll ever get to having a CW Suicide Squad spinoff series. I guess anything is possible going forward, but it would have been nice if this was just the start instead of its end, as I’m fairly sure Amanda Waller just drops off after this, though I believe Deadshot at least is still around, for at least a bit longer.

I think the spy stuff works really well in this show too. Maybe Arrow should have a crossover with James Bond somehow. Oh, I also wanted to mention the flashbacks in this episode focusing just on Diggle’s past was very interesting and I liked seeing the Afghanistan War from Diggle’s perspective and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of his backstory moving forward. I don’t remember if they ever show his flashbacks ever again either.


+10: Very exciting and different episode, a good change of pace

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