TV: Arrow s2e18: Deathstroke

Arrow — “Deathstroke” — Image AR218a_0308b — Pictured (L-R): Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance and Adrian Holmes as Lt. Pike — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 8/10

Thea is kidnapped by Slade and delivered to Brother Blood. And a ransom message is transmitted right in the middle of Moira’s debates. On the island, Sara carries out some pretty heartless stuff to rescue Oliver and attempt to retake the boat.

Again, Sara makes tough calls as calmly as an army general on the island 5 years ago. I’m surprised it takes her so long to take charge of something, like Team Arrow, for example. She’s just so much more of a natural leader than Oliver is, who still seems to be adjusting from his lone wolf style to working with a group.

A decently entertaining episode but more than a few scenes where pretty much nothing is happening. Though, Oliver wallowing in self-pity actually does kind of work in the show, it should only ever be done here and there I think. Also, it’s really hard for me to feel for Moira, like, ever. She’s a liar and basically evil, especially to her children. So I guess she’s an average politician. But it’s hard to give her the same sympathy I would almost anyone else on the show.


+8: Pretty good

+1: Man, Sara is just so cool

-1: Moira doesn’t deserve my sympathy and this show needs to stop trying to get it from me

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