TV: Arrow s2e19: The Man Under the Hood

Rating: 7/10

Deathstroke attacks a STAR Labs depot just as Cisco and Caitlin, in their first Arrowverse appearance, are closing it down. Meanwhile, Quentin is attacked in jail and hospitalized. On the island, Ivo is dying in pain and begs for a quick death.

This episode, being that Cisco and Caitlin are in it, make me feel that this was probably when things were going to kickstart the Flash before they decided to give it it’s own pilot. A lot of it feels hastily written and maybe as if many of the disjointed and unrelated scenes are written over what was otherwise a good script. So, I would say half of this show feels like an episode and the rest feels like filler in a very obvious way.

I really like Laurel’s story in this one. At the end of the last episode Slade tells her that Arrow is Oliver and as she realizes this and how it affects her in this episode works out very well for her character. I’m so glad they dropped the “she’s an addict” storyline, as that really wasn’t working with the rest of the show.


+7: Decent

-1: Too many disjointed scenes

+1: Laurel gets some good parts for once

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