TV: Constantine s1e1: Non Est Asylum

CONSTANTINE — “Pilot” — Pictured: (l-r) Lucy Griffiths as Liv, Matt Ryan as John Constantine — (Photo by: Quantrell Colbert/NBC)

Rating: 10/10

John Constantine is a demonologist who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, or using the dark arts, in order to fight evil. While locked in an asylum, he discovers that a demon might be hunting a woman that John has to save.

Matt Ryan is John Constantine. He encapsulates the character so well that it’s no surprise that he was asked multiple times to reprise his role as a guest appearance on Arrowverse shows later on. It’s too bad too that this didn’t get more than one season, but I’ll save my lamentings on the final episode. I’m a huge fan of the character in the DC comics, by the way.

I think I’ve mentioned before that combining superheroes and horror works a great deal better than it ought to. Even though John is far from being “super” and isn’t so much of a hero, how this episode plays out combines both genres beautifully and in a way that’s very well done.


+10: A great start to a great, though short, series

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