TV: The Flash s1e4: Going Rogue

Rating: 9/10

Felicity visits from Starling City and Iris does her best to hook her up with Barry. Meanwhile, a group of thieves is on a string of robberies, one of them is Leonard Snart, a man with a cold gun.

I like seeing Felicity on the Flash. She and Barry have an amazing amount of onscreen chemistry. I know her place is with Arrow, but it’s too bad she can’t be on both shows every week. Also, Wentworth Miller, the actor who plays Captain Cold, has such great onscreen presence, he steals the show every moment he’s on it.

Iris kind of bugs me in this episode, it’s because her parts are incredibly forced. I think she’s suffering from the “her character needs something to do” disease throughout the episode. But, this early in the series, she hasn’t had much character development outside of, “Barry is her best friend and he’s secretly in love with her.” I know she becomes a very strong character, I just hope that happens sooner rather than later.


+10: Great episode with a great villain

-1: Iris just has to have something to do

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