TV: The Flash s1e3: Things You Can’t Outrun

The Flash — “Things You Can\’t Outrun” — Image FLA103c_0201b — Pictured (L-R): Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West and John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rating: 9/10

Joe tells the crew at STAR Labs that they need a new way to house these superpowered criminals as normal prison walls won’t hold them. As a metahuman who can turn into poisonous gas gets revenge around the city, Caitlin and Cisco reminisce about the day that the Particle Accelerated exploded and Ronnie, Caitlin’s fiance, died.

More flashbacks, but again they work for the episode, but don’t overdo it guys. Also this is a way this show can have some pretty dark themes as The Mist, what Cisco comes to call our villain in this episode, is on a murder-spree using his powers of poison gas. One thing that doesn’t work on this show is having a mopey Barry. That’s another thing that works on Arrow, but not here. Barry should be all about pushing himself to his limits as he stubbornly does the best he can to be good, not struggling with the emotions of what it takes to be a superhero. That’s Arrow stuff.

I also liked the “Mist”-ery, excuse the pun, and using some actual science and a little detective work is very entertaining. It reminds me of 90s Flash, which was a very mystery-heavy show, but a lot darker in tone. Also, fun fact, John Wesley Shipp, who played Flash in the 90s show, also plays Henry Allen, Barry’s father, on this show.

Oh, and Eddie is actually given a character in this episode. So he’s slightly less of a perfect prettyboy, and feels less like a Gary Sue, so that’s nice. Actually, though I would normally fault having such a non-related side story with Eddie and Iris, it actually was kind of interesting and I think that’s because Rick Cosnett, Eddie’s actor, does a pretty good job playing him in this episode.


+9: Pretty good episode

-1: No one wants a mopey Flash…

+1: Nice how-catch-em mystery with some decent action at the end

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