TV: Arrow s3e4: The Magician

Rating: 10/10

Nyssa returns to Starling City, when Oliver tells her she was killed, Nyssa and Oliver team up to find Malcolm Merlyn.

Hey, the first episode of the season that doesn’t feel all over the place. Actually, this episode is a return to form for the series and then some. Thea’s time away has turned her into kind of a badass, and Malcolm is such a great anti-hero I’m surprised he didn’t get his own spin-off series, but I guess this allows him to show up all over the Arrowverse for good or ill depending on what he’s up to.

Also, I’m glad I was wrong when I said Amanda Waller didn’t show up again. She really works with the parts in the past, as someone who is totally evil, a total supervillain, but she’s doing it for what she thinks is right. It really asks the question, “do the ends really justify the means?” And with that in mind, I think I’m going to go read some Suicide Comics. Or just keep watching Arrow, whatever.


+10: A great episode. Feels like a while since we’ve had one of those…

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