TV: The Flash s1e6: The Flash is Born

The Flash — “The Flash is Born” — Image FLA106b_0212b — Pictured (L-R): Greg Finley as Tony Woodward and Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rating: 6/10

A man with super-strength who can turn himself into metal is terrorizing the city. The Flash discovers he’s actually his childhood bully. Also, the Flash is trying to convince Iris to stop writing her blog about him as metahumans are using it as a reason to hunt her down.

Well, the last episode I watched was the Arrow trying to be more heroic, like the Flash, here I feel like the Flash is trying to be more like Arrow. More specifically, he’s trying to capture the same dark, broodiness Arrow is basically known for, or Batman, maybe the Flash is trying to be Batman. Anyway, the scenes specifically with Flash meeting with Iris on the roof and him being in the darkness saying “you don’t want this,” and the like. This specifically makes me think of the conversations Arrow was having with Laurel before she knew she was actually talking to Oliver Queen. Actually, Batman and Arrow meet people on the roofs of buildings at night because night is useful for hiding and they us grapples to get around. It doesn’t make sense for Barry to be meeting anyone on the roof of anywhere, and night shouldn’t matter. Mostly, he is so fast he can become the Flash at any time, more or less, and, though he’s run up a building once before he’s obviously no expert, yet, and at this point, he’d be just as likely to meet Iris basically anywhere at any time. Meeting her on the roof in the middle of the night makes no sense for his character. Maybe he’s just trying to be more like Arrow because he looks up to him, but if so they should be making that more apparent rather than vaguely hinting at it, if that is indeed the case.

Anyway, Barry has to learn to fight in this episode. And the person who teaches him is Eddie. Which, again, doesn’t make sense. Why isn’t it Joe? Or he could race over to Starling City and ask Arrow to do it? It’s just he hardly knows Eddie, and Eddie is just too flippin’ nice again. He really ought to see Barry as a competitor rather than someone chummy who’s always hanging around his girlfriend, or whatever. Characters need flaws, if they don’t have them, everyone will hate them for being too perfect, don’t the writers know that? Or do they want us to hate Eddie? Okay, truthfully, Eddie was fine in this episode, I mean, this is probably just a way to shoehorn him in there and give the actor a reason to be in the credits that week. I think they wrote Eddie to be purely a foil to Barry’s love life, but as a character, being that Eddie is already perfect, he really has no room at all for growth. Tommy at least had character growth, geez, I’m using Tommy as a positive example…

Okay, aside from that, this had some pretty good action and some stuff for the Flash to learn in order to defeat the bad guy. Slowly he’s becoming a better and more powerful Flash, and I like the parts which weren’t trying to be Arrow/Batman, so it wasn’t a bad episode by any means. But I think the showrunners of both Flash and Arrow need to stop trying to be like the other show.


+7.5: Decent episode

-1: Too many parts like Arrow

-0.5: Eddie’s back to feeling like a Gary Sue/need to give characters something to do disease, he’s hardly in it though aside from teaching the Flash to box a little

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