TV: Arrow s3e7: Draw Back Your Bow

Arrow — “Draw Back Your Bow” — Image AR307a_0072b — Pictured: Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter/Cupid — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rating: 4.5/10

Another archer shows up calling herself Cupid, and she’s obsessed with making Arrow fall in love with her. Unfortunately for her, she does this by murdering criminals in elaborate death traps. Also, Oliver gets jealous of Felicity dating someone else.

This episode was, again, weird. For one thing, Oliver is the one who’s pushing Felicity away, which I think takes away his right to be jealous. But, I guess this being a filler episode, it makes sense for it to be filled with filler, right? Sigh, that just makes me think of the Clock King episode, a one-shot with no connections to the main storyline that was told in a great way. This show needs a refresher from 1990s Flash, though not every episode is a good one, every episode is complete unto itself, even the ones that are essentially follow ups to other episodes. They still told a complete story without needing anything before it to be viewed in order to enjoy that episode. This episode of Arrow is just eating up time and feels like it.

Also, I like the villain, but it feels like their just rehashing Huntress without actually making it a Huntress episode. Maybe they wanted to and she backed out at the last minute? I’m not sure on the details. Still, she was an entertaining villain, though not exactly needed.

Um, I personally don’t care about Oliver’s relationship problems. Either date Felicity or don’t and let her date the much more charismatic Ray Palmer. It honestly doesn’t matter to me, but maybe people out there do care about this sort of thing. I do when the show makes it interesting. I liked this stuff between Oliver and Felicity in the last season, but there were actual stakes then as the Mirakuru went out into the city. Does Oliver really think that his life is still in as much danger? My guess is this is just a way for the writers to draw it out, when really Oliver and Felicity should be together now as there’s nothing that isn’t there just for the sake of convenience keeping them apart.


+4: Okay, some good parts but mostly not so much

+0.5: I liked the villain though it feels we have more than enough archers in Starling City…

-1: Jealousy plot is totally contrived

+1: Ray Palmer is always a plus in my book

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