TV: Constantine s1e3: The Darkness Beneath

Rating: 10/10

When a man is burned alive in his shower, Constantine arrives in a mining town to investigate. In the process, an artist named Zed who’d been drawing him from memory despite her and John never meeting before, tries to get to know John when he’s just trying to get rid of her.

Zed is a great addition to the show and her and Constantine have great chemistry. I think they become partners throughout the rest of the series but I honestly don’t remember. If not, that was a huge missed opportunity. If that’s the case, Zed was a great character in this one-off story who I hope comes back for at least one more episode.

It’s a bit too bad that this couldn’t have been part of the Arrowverse from the get go, though maybe having Arrow being flooded with both metahumans and supernatural demon magic at the same time would have been too much all at once. Oh well, I’m glad it gets to that point eventually. Fun fact, something in the comics that they don’t really bring up in the movies and such is that Superman is very weak against magic. It’s practically his kryptonite. So Constantine could beat Superman in a fight without much difficulty.

This episode had a different feel than the first couple, it kept making me think of 70s slasher movies more so than supernatural horror, even though the killer was something supernatural. As people were killed one at a time, it felt like it was following the same tropes you’d find in Friday the 13th or the like. It made for a very interesting take on this type of show and worked very well as both a mystery and a horror alike.


+10: Another great episode, why’d they cancel this again?

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