TV: The Flash s1e9: The Man in the Yellow Suit

Rating: 8/10

With the Christmas season upon Central City, a speedster in a yellow suit steals something from Mercury Labs, STAR Labs biggest competitor, run by a Dr. Christina Magee. Also, Caitlin believes that Ronnie may still be alive.

Reverse Flash finally showing up and facing the Flash was great and well deserved after hinting at it for the first 8 episodes. I also really liked seeing Amanda Pays reprising her role from 90s Flash, though it’s not quite the Tina we remember, but alternate universes and all that.

A couple complaints, I’m not against holiday themed episodes in any way, and sometimes Christmas episodes can be some of the best in the series, like Community’s claymation episode, for example. But they can also be pretty terrible too, this falls right in the middle with the Christmas gift-giving, but it’s just the bare minimum. If Reverse Flash wasn’t there I would say they should make up a holiday-themed villain (or use Calendar Man, no one uses Calendar Man for more than a guest appearance anymore. He could be a neat villain and out-think anyone but Wells on the Flash team…probably). Anyway, it’s not a huge thing but it just feels if you’re going to use the holiday backdrop you should go all out, or at least do something different or interesting with it. I mean, outside of Eddie asking Iris to move in with him for his gift (which is a lame gift anyway…), you could have taken it all out without missing anything.

Oh yeah, Eddie. I’m really trying to do Eddie a solid and like him like I tried to with Tommy, and mostly succeeded except when Tommy sucked out all the likability to his character with unrealistic melodrama. Eddie isn’t as bad as Tommy. He doesn’t do things that don’t make sense for no reason, he’s just such a wooden block of a character. He doesn’t really have room to grow. He’s a Gary Sue, a perfect character with zero flaws and because of that he’s unbelievably boring. He’s good as a detective character, a little new so sometimes caught off guard when things get weird, but as a noble-hearted Gary Sue, willing to sacrifice himself for others and whatnot, this makes for a decent side-character type, or a good superhero type too. But heroes need flaws. Barry has tons of flaws, but he’s still able to do what he needs to in order to save the day. Barry actually has to try in order to win, Eddie has everything handed to him on a platter. He doesn’t even try and things just work out for him. Also, he and Iris have zero chemistry.


+9: Pretty good, I like the Reverse Flash a lot

-1: Christmas with Eddie

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