TV: The Flash s1e10: Revenge of the Rogues

The Flash — “Revenge of the Rogues” — Image FLA110B _0393b — Pictured (L-R): Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and Dominic Percell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rating: 6.5/10

Barry trains to get faster to fight the Reverse-Flash. Meanwhile, Captain Cold and his new partner Heat Wave show up to steal stuff. Also, Iris and Eddie move in together after Barry tells Iris he loves her. And, Caitlyn tries to find her dead ex-fiance because the news of his death was greatly exaggerated.

Well, Wentworth Miller is a great Captain Cold and Dominic Percell as Heat Wave makes a great partner to him as they’re basically opposites of one another, not just powers wise but their personalities clash as well. I’d say they should give them their own spinoff series, but SPOILERS they basically do.

I’m so tired of Eddie and Iris’s relationship at this point. The only thing interesting about it is that Barry likes Iris but she wants to stay with Eddie. So, they should both just go away. I mean, I like Iris a lot as the series continues but at this point in the show she hardly has any character development outside of she likes Eddie but doesn’t like Barry in the same way. I’m glad they at least gave her the blog that follows the Flash to work on but it kind of feels like they’ve been downplaying even that much about her lately. If they had suddenly wrote Iris and Eddie out of the show right after this episode, I would only have thought the show was better for it. Love triangles are dumb ways to keep people apart in stories, in real life most people will just be like, “hey, you’re dating someone? Alright, I’ll look elsewhere for my soul mate.” Or whatever, and people who keep pining after someone who’s taken is a creepy stalker, or an adulterer, or whatever. They aren’t good, healthy people, which Barry would be if he didn’t have this weird crush on his step-sister…

Anyway, I liked Heat Wave and Captain Cold. They have great onscreen chemistry together as partners-in-crime and are a great addition to the show. I mean, Captain Cold already was but now he’s got an awesome partner to boot.

I feel there were a few too many plotlines, and probably just keep it at the A-story and B-story TV show standard. I mean, Arrow has basically two stories going on each episode, plus something on the island, but being that’s in the past it’s more like the backbone for the main storyline each episode and plays into it despite not really being related, most of the time, but the themes are usually related. Anyway, this was four storylines that had little to do with each other and in the end one story just wins out as being the “main” one for this episode. This is not a good tactic to have with your TV shows, just saying.


+7.5: A bit all over the place but still fairly enjoyable

+1: Great dynamic duo with Captain Cold and Heat Wave

-1: Too many plotlines

-1: There’s nothing about Eddie and Iris I’m interested in

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