TV: Constantine s1e6: Danse Vandou

Rating: 8/10

After staring into a zoetrope, Zed has a vision that leads her, Constantine, and Chaz down to New Orleans to investigate a murderous demon. Unfortunately, a detective who doesn’t believe in magic suspects John of being the murderer. Zed has to prove to the detective that ghosts are real while Constantine track downs Papa Midnite to find out what’s really going on.

This had a decent mystery and the solution wasn’t bad though it felt like it came too soon and the focus is forced to shift to something else, hinting at something for a later season that never happened. Outside of that, this was a very entertaining episode, though it feels a bit like they were trying to make this one especially scary but it kind of just comes off as gimicky.


+9: Pretty good, though the end is a bit drawn out

-1: Not as scary as I think they wanted it to be

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