TV: Vixen the Movie

Rating: 7.5/10

Vixen, a superhero with the ability to call on the power of any animal with the use of her sacred totem, comes to the streets of Arrowverse’s Detroit. In this short animated adventure, we learn of Vixen’s origins as she tries to find her birth parents, only to discover something that may put her in over her head.

Technically this is a combination of Season 1 and 2 of Vixen with some additional scenes to bind them together more fluidly. So I’m watching this a bit out of order, but I don’t care if you don’t.

Anyway, this was a pretty great way to watch the unfortunately short-run series. The voice acting is great as well as the story and the way it’s presented as a single story works very well for the film as a whole. It comes together in a great way and is very entertaining overall.

A couple of complaints, for one, the humor in this show just tends to be out of place and for the most part falls flat. There’s some good quips between Arrow and Flash early on but outside of that it tends to just undercut what would have been an otherwise very dramatic moment. Maybe this is the fault of the writers worried that kids will tune out or something, but I feel it would have been better without all the superhero one liners.

My other complaint is that this as a film is a little off. It feels more like three separate episodes just put together when you consider the overall story. Vixen has a problem, solves it, has another problem, solves it, has a final problem, solves it, but none of these problems really follow each other. Though the last story and the first one are essentially sequels, the first story is done and over when the next one begins. It’s just a bit disjointed.


+8: A pretty great, action-packed animated superhero movie

+1: Great story and Voice acting

-0.5: Some of the jokes don’t work

-1: Feels too much like what it is, two seasons of a web series mashed together

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