TV: The Flash s1e15: Out of Time

The Flash — “Out of Time” — Image FLA115B_0279b — Pictured: Liam McIntyre as Mark Mardon — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rating: 7/10

Weather Wizard comes back and is hunting Joe West because he believes he’s killed his brother. Meanwhile, Eddie is jealous of Barry and Iris’s friendship!

Okay, I’m so done with love triangles right now. All love triangles are just quickly plotted, totally cliche ways to drag your plot out. Either love the person you’re with, as Barry and Iris are both dating different people at this point, or leave them and be with the one you truly love. Don’t drag this out! I don’t care! I will never care! Okay, I guess maybe that’s just my problem as I’ve already been so jilted by love in general that I just don’t care about other people’s relationships. I mean, I like having a romance here and there, I’m not heartless, but when you’re just shoehorning in something like this… Here’s what I think would be better, and more realistic really, Iris and Barry learn to be good friends while they also fall madly in love with the people they’re with and they move on from their feelings for each other. That would be a complex, emotional relationship-drama, rather than this that’s just what every writer does when they can’t think of a better reason to keep lovers apart. I know this is more comic-book-y, but still. We’ve all seen this before, I’d prefer seeing something new. Or if not new, then at least make it interesting.

Okay, outside of that major complaint about every TV show in general, I felt this was a decent episode. I like how tension is starting to get higher as evidence against Wells mounts. I also like the storyline with Joe. It feels more like a old cop story, a bit noire, a bit more serious than this show normally is, and dark as heck. It’s a good episode, despite the love triangle. Also, I like Eddie when he’s a cop, like when he’s giving a speech to the fellow police officers in the precinct, so it kind of pains me when they use him as just a foil to Barry not getting the girl he wants.

Also, trying not to spoil much, but I like the ending. Many might consider it a copout akin to a dream sequence, but I think it works well and also does a good job to set up the next episode while also allowing things to happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. There, is that vague enough for ya?

+8: Decent episode

-2: Love triangles are dumb

+1: I like the ending and the darker tone

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