Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Rating: 9/10

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man/Peter Parker is back from the Snap and back in high school. He’s trying to take a trip to Europe and maybe put being Spider-Man on hold so he can pursue a romance with Mary Jane. Unfortunately, this is when monsters from another dimension (according to Mysterio) start attacking the very places Peter Parker’s tour group just happens to be.

Okay, SPOILERS ahead, I guess, to anyone who hasn’t followed Spider-Man in any way since 1964 and doesn’t know who Mysterio is.

I enjoyed them playing him off at first as a good guy only to give him a big”reveal” that he was actually the villain the whole time. Though, as anyone whose a fan of Spider-Man could probably tell you, this is what Mysterio always does. He can make visual illusions but that’s something that can only go so far. He’s a one-note villain and Spider-Man always beats him in the same way, using his spidey sense so he knows what’s real and what wasn’t. And, this is essentially how the movie plays out as well. He’s a character about lies and illusions, all he does is trick Spider-Man until he can’t anymore.

Outside of that, this is a very fun movie. Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job as Mysterio, despite the story being lackluster. Being this is a part of the MCU, I think they know that each movie has to up the ante every time, but I like that this tones down the world-wide threats to make it something that feels much more personal to Peter himself. And, though they’d have to actually do something different with the character, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mysterio again in another movie in the future. Actually, he’d make a pretty good hero, he’s basically a hero in this film until he isn’t anymore.


+9: I know way too much about Spider-Man and I’m happy

-1: Basically what you’d expect story-wise with Mysterio as the villain

+1: Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance makes you really like Mysterio though

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