0542: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Rating: 10+/10

Alex DeLarge is a young man who likes to hang out with his droogs, take drugs and go out at night to cause acts of violence on the unassuming. After he’s caught and sent to prison and a new technique, the Ludovico Treatment, might help him to be a free man in no time at all. But without free will is a man truly free?

This is a very polarizing movie for a lot of people. It’s grotesque, yet hilarious. It’s as poignant and deep as it is hard to watch. The ironic thing is that most of the ultra-violence happens off screen, but it’s implication is enough it’ll make you squirm in your seat at some points. But with it’s grotesqueness it shows something important, that even a person as evil as Alex has no humanity if he’s deprived of his ability to make his own choices.

Being that this is a Stanley Kubrick film, it’s hard to concentrate on only one aspect of it. Everything is formed perfectly and completely by a master hand. The cinematography is amazing, making sure everything in every shot completely in focus. He wanted to make sure you could see everything in his films. The music, mostly classical, only adds to the tapestry created by Kubrick’s perfectionism. It’s arguable if he got the best performances out of his stars, but something you can be damn sure was he got exactly what he wanted out of no only his actors, but any member of the cast or crew that was working on his films.


10+: A film perfected to the extreme, but not for the faint of heart, if you appreciate dark, satirical humor combined with high-minded thinking then this is the movie for you

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