Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

Rating: 10/10

An old movie actor whose career is starting to fade and is just starting to get recognition again. Meanwhile, Charles Manson’s cult is plotting to murder celebrities.

This is a groovy movie. Though the cameras are obviously modern ones, the camera and story techniques are ones that come from the period. Each scene has the brightly-colored and slowly-paced movies of the sixties and seventies in mind. I mean, the reason for that is that everyone was stoned, more or less, and also because drive-ins were so popular you needed some slow bits to let people make-out for a bit. Anyway, the slow-paced scenes which don’t have much going on are still beautifully shot and entertaining despite the slow pace.

Also, I’m really all for historical revisionism in film. I’d say make every movie happen different from history, and maybe if things happened the way they did in this movie, the world might’ve been a slightly better place. Anyway, hope that didn’t really spoil anything for anyone…


+10: Quentin Tarantino should rewrite all of history through his films, might be a bit too slow-paced for modern audiences though

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