Agent Carter s1e1: Now is Not the End

Rating: 8/10

After the events of Captain America: the First Avenger, Agent Carter goes back to work as a secretary for an American Secret Organization in the 1940s. When Howard Stark is framed for treason, he enlists Peggy Carter to help him clear his name.

As a fan of the MCU, it’s pretty neat being able to see the beginning of it all, so to speak. Really, this is something which I wish they would explore more in the series and show how this world has changed and grown with the influence of superheroes like Captain America playing their part in an alternate history and how it’s changed throughout the years. I know this is probably something that only superfans like me would want, but I really wouldn’t mind more period pieces in the MCU.

Also, at least with this first episode, it’s less a superhero show and much more a superspy series. Something I appreciate, as you may have noticed with my James Bond reviews, I really like spies as a genre, especially when it takes place in eras of history when we really needed spies, like post WW2 and the beginning of the cold war like it is here. Though something tells me the enemy will be HYDRA and not Russia in the end.


+8: Good start to what’s warming up to be a pretty good spy show taking place in the early years of the MCU

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